Who I Am

I am a designer and photographer who recently moved to Seattle from Washington, DC, where I worked as an analyst in cybersecurity, but I decided that I needed to pursue a career that would allow me to use my creativity. I enrolled in a Master's program for web design and online communication, and have recently graduated. I am excited to start a new career in design, utilizing these new skills, as well as my previous professional experience.

I am really into photography, Star Wars, craft beers, baseball, college football and grilling meats.

I designed and coded this portfolio site to showcase my skills in digital design, online communications and photography.


Master of Arts in Mass Communication
University of Florida, College of Journalism & Mass Communications
Web Design & Online Communications Program (Spring 2016)


Currently accepting Design and Photography assignments

What I Do


Web Design & Front End Development

Graphic Design


Digital & Print Layout

Digital Comms
& Marketing

Social Media

Strategic Communication

SEO & Analytics





Photo Editing & Digital Media


My masters coursework has provided me a diverse set of knowledge and skills in design, from branding and logo design, to graphic design to web design, user experience and interaction design. Below are a few examples of my coursework that showcase these skills.

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Web Design

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Graphic Design

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Layout Design


As a photographer, most of my work is landscapes/cityscapes and travel photography, with a few weddings and engagement shoots. I have recently taken an interest in portrait photography, and would like to continue to develop my skills in that area. I am also interested in gaining some experience with studio photography as well.

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Please contact me for any requests or opportunities, or visit my photography portfolio for more information.

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